Gergely Kovacs
“The Construction of Neutrality”

‘The Construction of Neutrality’ is an attempt to colonize the space between representation and reality. It investigated an impossible complex of overlapping cultural and political territories, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem representing the ultimate site of conflict that questions the fundamentals of neutrality as a construction.
The proposal for the Temple Mount engages the site from two parallel directions drawing upon the Roman occupation of Jerusalem in 70 AD resulting in the destruction of the Jewish Temple and the erection of the Colosseum, and the peacekeeping efforts of the Clinton era climaxing in the Camp David Summit in 2000.

Relying on antiquity as a constant yet always reinvented context it uses digital forensics on Piranesi’s etching, to deconstruct the seminal example of the architecture of separation, the Roman Colosseum, questioning the relation of inside and outside.