The 2012 Pozner Prize for Single Best Drawing was awarded to Sofoklis-Goulielmos Koutsourelis for his work, Section/Time Sequence. Photo by Valerie Bennett.

His winning entry, a single representation recalling Joseph Gandy’s imagined future of John Soane’s Bank of England in ruins, reveals the paradoxically dystopian and utopian extended timeline of the project, spanning from the building’s construction to its decay. The image is executed with a high level of detail and intensity, exhibiting the ability to describe a politically provocative architectural scenario in one drawing. This project is explained through an elaborate and detailed computer rendering, revealing the gradual transformation of a speculative and propositional architectural scenario: the bioremediation of a contaminated city-scale architecture. Undergoing entropic transformation of its designed structure through the occupation of natural vegetation the building becomes, over time, an alternative landscape. This filmic narrative is accentuated by the unusual length of the image.